Balancing Marriage and Loved Ones

Marriage and Household

Finding the ideal balance between hanging out with your children and your husband can be difficult. Naturally, I'm with my children more since we are dwelling together. I simply see my husband at the evening/nighttime and the weekends. On the rare moments we have together. We cherish it and love each other. To make sure our relationship stays strong we be certain you keep the 5 stages of intimacy.

We try to eat dinner together every night Making Priorities

With this type of busy living, I need to own priorities to balance marriage and loved ones. This usually means that you sometimes miss your favourite series, or don't always get to go out with your friends. And this also applies to my marriage. At least once a month, Andrew and I go out on a weekend date. If my parents can't help, we hire a babysitter. I run a background check on Kiwi searches before bringing anyone around my children.

Our Dates

When Andrew and I do have a date, we usually go to a great dinner or a picture. Our favourite kind of food might be Italian, so I understand I can eat pasta daily. It's also a nice shift in my cooking the majority of the week. If we aren't in the mood to really go out to dinner, then we choose a picture. The final one we watched together was A Silent Place which was truly terrifying. I was gripping the popcorn cup the whole time in anticipation.

Pop Corn using a movieGoing Out With the Children

As much as we like to go outside on dates that are adult, we're dating the youngsters. Usually for walks at the park and playing in the swing places. Andrew gets overwhelmed in Chuck E. Cheese therefore that we steer clear from that. Although I really like the pizza, but marriage is a compromise right? For more thoughts and interesting activities, check out this article for tasks with kids over the weekend.

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